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The company, with a rumored $10 billion valuation, went public today under the ticker (OTLY)

According to the Wall Street Journal, as part of the filing on Monday, the company said it had revenue of $421.4 million in 2020, compared with $204 million in 2019.

The company says it plans to raise $100 million from a sale of its American depositary shares, “a placeholder figure companies often use to calculate filing fees and is often changed,” WSJ noted. “It didn’t disclose how many ADS it intends to offer to the public, according to registration documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday.”

The Evolution of Milk

It turns out milk is a lot like telephones.

In 1999…


To protect our future, we need to adopt the Earth Day ethos every day. But is that really enough?

This year for Earth Day, I did something I’ve wanted to do for decades. I ordered one of the few existing original copies of the Whole Earth Catalog. They’re hard to find in decent condition and at reasonable prices anymore (one was going for more than $800!). But I found a fall 1969 edition for less than $100. It was a worthy spend, especially watching my seven-year-old daughter leafing through the pages created a lifetime ago. The decades of mustiness have that old, familiar smell. The years of wear are visible in its yellow, crisping pages. …

Activists around the world will go on a hunger strike this summer to bring attention to the ecological crisis ravaging the planet.

Corporations and governments around the world aren’t working fast enough to end the global climate crisis, says the activist group Extinction Rebellion. And on August 28th, activists from at least 25 countries will go on a hunger strike, dubbed “Earth Fast,” to bring attention to the issues.

“After more than three decades of petitions, protests and campaigns, and despite the best efforts of many protestors, global governments have failed to act as necessary to mitigate ecological and climate breakdown and secure the future for our planet,” the group notes on its website. “Greenhouse gas emissions continue to increase, and widespread…

What do the 46 million turkeys killed for Thanksgiving say about our ethics?

We celebrate lots of things. Some holidays matter more than others, of course. There are those relevant to our history, traditions, faith. There are others we celebrate, because, let’s face it: as a species, we’re inherently indulgent. And, lest we forget, our sacred corporations need holidays, too.

The celebrations rooted in religion bring with them a nod to something greater than the celebrator. They bring a need to contemplate, to take stock of our place in the world, the universe. And as indulgent and superficial as many of us can be on Christmas or Easter, there is, ultimately, a humbleness…

Communes are back.

While millions of Americans have been begrudgingly sheltering in their McMansions since March, another trend is taking hold of the pandemic-addled country. Intentional communities or communes (now sometimes modernized as “pods” or “bubbles”) are going mainstream.

The trend, which began before the pandemic, looks to linger long after life returns to normal, too. In January, the New York Times reported on the rise of intentional communities and communes.

“Though many residents of intentional communities are undoubtedly frustrated by climate inaction and mounting economic inequality, others are joining primarily to form stronger social bonds,” The Times reports.

Community gardens foster community…

It’s been more than 20 years since environmental activist Julia “Butterfly” Hill climbed down from a giant thousand-year-old California redwood tree named Luna.

Ms. Hill caught the attention of the world when she became a spokesperson for Luna. In total, she spent 738 days in the Humboldt County redwood (December 10, 1997 to December 18, 1999). She lived on a six-foot platform nearly 200 feet above the ground.

Like other environmental activists, Ms. Hill was protesting the Pacific Lumber Company’s deforestation plans. She descended only after reaching an agreement with the lumber company that protected Luna and 200 feet surrounding…

Roger Daltry on The Who Sell Out album cover

Beans. All of them. From coffee to cacao to soy and all the rest, beans are about to be busier than ever saving the planet and humanity.

Humans have been eating and drinking beans for thousands of years. Anthropologists confirmed in recent discoveries that our ancestors were predominantly plant-eaters. …

Woodstock Festival, 1969

By the mid-1960s, a change had taken hold of America. It was the kind of radical demand for change that brought our country into existence in the first place — the belief that freedom is a birthright, that we all deserve equal rights, peace, love, and happiness. That there is a better way than the status quo. This idealism was a revolution in the works: one tied to business, technology, food, art, the planet, and consciousness itself. It rejected war and greed inflicted by governments and corporate interests. …

Swedish metal band Avatar is vegan

Swedish heavy metal band Avatar may not be top of mind when you think of typical vegans, but like others making the plant-based shift, the band is proving the diet can appeal to anyone.

Vegan diet stereotypes have deep roots in Woodstock-era long-haired rock ’n’ roll. You know it: that whole counterculture ethos of tuning in, turning on, and dropping out away from mainstream media, politics, and, of course, food. This made healthy and ethical eating trends long ostracized as fringe hippie stuff. But a lot has shifted since the 1960s. Rock ’n’ roll, for one, has evolved from its…

People ask me a lot of questions about parenting. It’s not because I look like I have any idea what I’m doing. I barely look like I showered most days. Mostly I get questions because I’m a single parent raising my almost seven-year-old daughter vegan since birth (and long before). I get a lot of the questions I got as a vegan for more than 20 years myself: Do we get enough protein? Don’t we miss meat? Does my child actually eat vegetables? Is she healthy? Yes. No. Yes. Yes.

We simply can’t maintain the status quo of raising 55…

Jill Ettinger


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